Chez Scheme
Petite Chez Scheme

Chez Scheme Support

All Chez Scheme licenses include one year of maintenance. Maintenance includes bug fixes, reasonable mail, electronic mail, and fax consultation, and minor release updates as they are made available. Major release upgrades are usually offered at a discount to all license holders. Contact us if you wish to purchase an annual maintenance contract to extend your coverage.

Petite Chez Scheme users who do not have Chez Scheme licenses are not entitled to maintenance services. We welcome bug reports from all users, however.

We like to hear from all users of Chez Scheme or Petite Chez Scheme, however, about ways in which we can improve the system. Please send us your comments.

Reporting Bugs

Before reporting a bug in Chez Scheme or Petite Chez Scheme, please double-check the documentation to verify your understanding of the problem.

If you are running your program under emacs or under the Scheme Widget Library (SWL), try running the same program directly, i.e., outside of emacs or SWL. If the program behaves correctly outside of emacs and SWL, the problem is not likely due to a bug in Chez Scheme or Petite Chez Scheme.

If you are sure that you have a bug, take some time to produce a small sample program that exhibits the bug in a reproducible fashion. Send us the following items:

The sample program should be self-contained, i.e., it should rely only on code and data files contained within your note.